The Bryan L. Lawrence Creative Writing Award is for the best submission to Voices from an MSU Texas student. The recipiant will receive an award certificate and $200.00.

2021-22 Contest Winners

Bryan L. Lawrence Award for Creative Writing
Jean Marburg for "Please Tell Me Your Opinion of My Personal Bodily Autonomy, I'm Very Interested"

President’s Award for Prose
1st Place- Connor Lee for "10 Hours of Black Noise to Bring You Peace"
2nd Place- Benjamin Stewart for "Young and Able-bodied"
3rd Place- Andrew Belfry for "Closing Doors"

President’s Award for Poetry
1st Place-Martheaus Perkins for "Family Album"

2nd Place- Nic Fisk for "Love at a Glance"
3rd Place- Martheaus Perkins for "Another Poem About Trayvon Martin"

Cover Art Award
Grace Ainsworth for “Birdwatching"”